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  1. MAP REQUEST: One of the coolest UT3 maps I've ever played in UT3 was "Hanging Gardens".. It's a large futuristic structure that's built into a cliff that hangs high above the ocean.. It has a lot of light in it.. and a lot of glass.. and I think every piece of glass can be smashed.. (it reconstructs in about 20 seconds).. One of the things that fun to do is get the redeemer up on the shelf over the waterfall and when you throw it you'll see a pile of windows break..!! ..and the guys who made the map (Pure Light production studio) knew what they were doing cause even with all the glass "particles" flying around it doesn't seem to slow down game play.. of the pieces of glass covers a large area on the floor where a vehicle spawns.. If an enemy is on there or you want to get rid of the vehicle so the enemy doesn't get it, you shoot the glass and everything that's on it drops onto the rocks below where the waves are crashing onto the rocks.. ..and I think the map comes with "real color" (named something like that) so it doesn't have the dingy drab colors that a lot of maps have.. There's a "day version" and a "night version" of the map.. I think I put a link to one of them in an earlier PM to you Loco.. I used to play it in the Greed game type.. ..and I've seen a Capture the Flag version.. ..didn't know if you could stick a couple nodes in there and make it an Onslaught map.. Maybe one on the Red side, one on the Blue side, and one on the platform in the middle..!! Anyway.. Thought it might make a nice addition to the map collection..
  2. Been playing on server quite a bit.. ..usually great game play.. Once in a while acts a little glitchy but doesn't crash like UT2004 game does.. Except when I try to load "LegoSpaceWars".. (something bad in that file).. I tried to load it when you first put up server and a second time just a couple minutes ago.. ..both times crashed whole game to where I get the "microsoft send error report".. Otherwise, been having a great time on there.. ..seen a few new people.. (one about ten minutes ago.. good player too!! Name was "xafwodahs") ..but didn't say gg at end of game.. just won at "Confrontation" and then left.. it was a good game tho..!! Maxter and I have been playing in here when we can.. Wild has some busy life things right now but said he'll be coming in more soon.. ..and just got a good message from Wrekr but he said his comp is down right now.. If he gets a new one or fixes that one we'll prolly see him in here too on UT3.. I told him about the UT3 server..
  3. Hey the heck are ya? It's been a while...  Hope all is well!!!   Please send me your email my old phone crashed and I lost everything.    I tried logging on several times prior to this,. But was having problems!    My computer is still broken, not sure when im going to get it fixed....if I ever    Well i need to get ready for church...take care!     Send me your to u soon!

    1. Super


      Hey man.. Great to hear from ya..

      First off.. here's email..

      Hope you're doing well.. and your son.. and the job..

      The game ain't been the same without ya man..!!

      Didn't want to tell you before, but right after you left Loco added about 40 maps to server..

      ..and took the annoying tanks out of Simpson's Home Invasion..

      Had a little run in with Rock about that map one night.. after he saw on the server that I had gotten about

      7 and a half thousand points in one game he asked how I did that and I told him "vitamins".. (smile)

      Loco also started up his UT3 server again.. been on there a lot.. Love playin' UT3..!!

      Wild and Maxsternator have it too..! (Maxsternator uses the name Maxter on UT3.. I'm just SuperDude)

      If you get a comp going later and come back in the game, try to load it if you can.. graphics are great in UT3..!!

      Maxsternator got it on Amazon for 6 dollars..!!

      Priorities with your family of course.. hope your son is doing well..

      I used to be a caregiver for about 11 years so I know what some of the extremes of relationship can be like..

      ..and you learn a lot about yourself and your limits in caregiving also..

      Had a little off balance relationship moment recently.. While I was at work the other day my ex-girlfriend

      came to my house and took a bunch of things.. Main value things were some leather coats she gave me

      that used to belong to her husband before he died.. and my Mountain Bike (which her niece had given to me

      and for some reason she thought she had a right to it).. I think she'll give that one back..

      She's very needy and if she hasn't heard from me, she thinks I've got another girlfriend.. what happened was my internet wasn't working for about a day and a half.. I found out that I just had

      to reset computer and router for some reason to get it going again.. but after I did get it going we had a

      huge wind storm and a 20 foot portion of a tree came down on our wires but didn't drop.. it was still

      connected to the tree and we had to drive underneath it to go anywhere..

      The electric company had over 6,000 tickets to take care of in 13 counties so it took them a couple days to

      get to the tree and restore power and connections..

      ..In town I had a wifi connection at the church I clean so I brought my iPad with me and sent an email to

      Bessie (my ex-girlfriend) about what had happened.. when I get done with my job and come out to get in

      my truck, she bangs on my window and yells at me "why haven't you communicated with me..??"

      ..and she tells me she had picked up some things at my house.. I was really upset..

      After she gets home she sees the email I had sent (boy, the timing was great on that one..!!)..

      ..and wrote a more apologetic email..

      Anyway.. things couldn't be all bad.. We actually sat together at an outdoor wedding yesterday..

      Thanks for letting me vent about that..!!

      This is a busy month.. got a family reunion this weekend..

      Going to see Leo Kottke with a friend the next weekend.. then a class reunion same weekend..

      Then going to visit my Dad and see "For King and Country" after that.. They are a Christian band that sounds

      a lot like "Coldplay" but a little more extreme.. They also do some of the music in the upcoming remake

      movie of "Ben Hurr".. oughta be good..  Was thinking about getting VIP tickets to go visit with them

      backstage afterwards.. We'll see..

      Anyway.. better get something done.. again soon..


                                ...SoupaDood.. ;)   (Larry)

    2. D-WReKR


      Hey Hey.....

      How's everything?....hope all is good!    

      I got a new computer,.  It has windows 10😠....which is not compatible with ut2k4!!    And for some reason,. When I go on wicked HQ from my desktop it won't let me type??  Im not sure why??   You think think there is a way to change the settings to allow 2k4 to work on windows10?    

      Im building homes again....Custom homes...and I guess the older I get the more I allow things to stress me!   I took a break from the game and it seems like my life in the last several months have fallen wife and I separated for a seems the more u try to get close to the Lord the harder life gets!!    I've had a rough go!   The wifee and I are back together now trying to make every day count for our son....just keep pushing on.

      Hopefully hear from u soon...sorry it's been so long for me to to u soon...



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