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    A small mutator for UT2004 which optionally awards players health for monster kills, and optionally allows for players to respawn right after death to keep playing, only suffering the -10 points penalty. It also optionally disables vehicle run over damage for monsters which used to make Vehicle Invasion trivially easy. Squash damage can still be applied when a monster is squished against a wall (see Notes section in the readme). These values are configurable (see Configuration section in the readme). This mutator is influenced by the .oWo.TallyHo! mutator ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/tallyho ) for Unreal Tournament which arguably influenced Epic to create Invasion for UT2004. TallyHo! awarded health for monster damage &kills which made the game play very intense (harder waves + more monsters!!), it also allowed players to quickly get back into the action after a death which only incurred a points penalty. version1.1 Adds a more appropriate end game to Invasion for this mutator to show the score board when the match finishes.