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Found 15 results

  1. View File The original Random Pickup Spawns mutator had some serious stability issues with it's ingame gui, so I included a simple non-gui version of the mutator in this zip that relies completely on it's own ini file and works like a champ. Mad props to the original creator of this phenomenal mutator. Submitter Kom0do Submitted 06/24/16 Category UT2004 Mutators Website Link  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The original Random Pickup Spawns mutator had some serious stability issues with it's ingame gui, so I included a simple non-gui version of the mutator in this zip that relies completely on it's own ini file and works like a champ. Mad props to the original creator of this phenomenal mutator.
  3. Version 1.3


    A small mutator for UT2004 which optionally awards players health for monster kills, and optionally allows for players to respawn right after death to keep playing, only suffering the -10 points penalty. It also optionally disables vehicle run over damage for monsters which used to make Vehicle Invasion trivially easy. Squash damage can still be applied when a monster is squished against a wall (see Notes section in the readme). These values are configurable (see Configuration section in the readme). This mutator is influenced by the .oWo.TallyHo! mutator ( ) for Unreal Tournament which arguably influenced Epic to create Invasion for UT2004. TallyHo! awarded health for monster damage &kills which made the game play very intense (harder waves + more monsters!!), it also allowed players to quickly get back into the action after a death which only incurred a points penalty. version1.1 Adds a more appropriate end game to Invasion for this mutator to show the score board when the match finishes.
  4. Version Final 1 Fixed Version


    This is the latest version from Gugi that fixes the Converter Freeze problem. Enjoy! Ok, first of all hello . Perhaps you can already guess what the purpose of this mutator is by looking at its name: it basically allows administrators to take a screenshot on the client and transfer it to the server so that he can search on it for hooks/hacks/cheats or whatever. So this does the same as the screenshot-feature in UTDC in the old UT (but unfortunately not as efficient). This method is especially useful as the screenshot will also display native-radars and thus it is possible to detect more cheaters as it would be possible with UScript-coded AntiCheats (they can’t really detect native-cheats, i.e. non-UScript hacks). However, not all cheats draw things onto the HUD, and it isn’t possible to detect those, unfortunately, as nothing suspicious appears on the screenshot. So I created this mutator as an extension to UScript-AntiCheats like SafeGame, AntiTCC or my Clan Manager 1g (look at the bottom of the page for more info about the CM). You can take screenshots manually (either through the WebAdmin, a command or by using the ingame menu) and automatically.
  5. Version 1.1 Fixx0r


    FIXED VERSION: REQUIRED FOR ONLINE PLAY! The previous version 1.0 was pulled from the ONS contest server. You need this version to play online. The major bugs have been fixed and the frame rates have been improved.
  6. Version Alpha


    Actually 2 mutators: UC2 InstaGib UC2 Sniper Rifle (replacement mut) Brought to you by: Shred (animation, code, UED import, shaders) YourPackage (extraction of models and materials) Sony-56k-UK-Pro (UC2 sounds) Special thanks to: INIQUITIOUS Great Emerald The Sniper Rifle weapon model from Unreal Championship 2. This is my very first mutator, and I animated the weapon myself. Please don't be too brutal as I am a very noobish coder. In order to mimic the UC2 feel, I created the insta-shiled gun. It's in your inventory with UC2Insta.One huge change is the regular UC2 sniper does 999 on headshots. I did the best I could with the Zoom.Be sure to check out the Insta_Shield gun. It does insta hamemr kills, and allows you to shieldJump w/o damage to yourself Also has increase jumping distance
  7. Version Beta 1


    ================================================================================= = Game Speed Compensator = ================================================================================= Version: Beta 1 Author: Sly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mutator is intended to be used with the Game Speed mutator. It will speed up or slow down your character movement to compensate for the slower or faster passing of time, depending on Game Speed's settings. For this, simply add the same value into the mutator's textfield as you did in Game Speed mutator and it will neutralize the effect of too slow or too fast movement for you. Have fun, Sly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install: Put the files MutGameSpeedCompensatorBeta1.u and MutGameSpeedCompensatorBeta1.ucl into the System folder of your Unreal Tournament 2004 directory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs: -The lowest limit you are allowed to set in this mutator is 0.2 as the game will hang up and crash when dodging if it is below 0.2. Due to this, you won't be able to input anything below 0.2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first mutator and there are probably better ways to do this, however, I wanted to create this mutator for practice reasons as I intended to learn Unreal Script sooner or later anyway. If I get better at this, I might try to modify the firing rate and projectile speeds for the player as well. I am not aware of a possibility to fix the too low or too high gravity when using this mutator with altered game speed though. The air control of the player pawn gets altered too, since the movement was quite restricted when playing at a low speed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may use this mutator for your own purposes and modify it. You may release the modified version under the condition you give credit to me. You can find the source code in the folder Source in this archive. If you modify the file, make sure to change the version number to avoid any version mismatches when playing with others who might have this mutator installed. You may put this archive on a portable device (like a CD or USB stick) but you must not make any profit from it. You may upload this archive to other websites/mirror it on other websites under the condition that you leave the archive intact. Once again, noone must make profit from this. For more information, please read the EULA of the game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unreal Tournament, Unreal, the U-logo, Unreal Engine and the trademark belong to Epic Games Inc.
  8. LOCO>XI<


    Version 2.0


    If you have the previous version installed you will have to remove these files: ...\System\Velvet.upl ...\Textures\Velvet.utx Credit for the character model goes to Epic Games. I just made the textures and changed the UV layout a bit. If you want to use any parts of this package to make your own skin/model for UT2004, you are free to do it.
  9. LOCO>XI<

    Version 2.7


    Carball is a vehicle based gametype for Unreal Tournament 2004. CarBall is similar to soccer but played with vehicles and a big ball. The game features unique manuevers and item pickups that help you defend and score. The most important thing to think of when playing is teamwork. You must work with your other teammates to set up the score just like you would in real soccer. The mod also features a league which is about to start up the second season. If you are interseted you can join in on some great organized games. You can now customize your car with custom license plates, skins, and wheels.
  10. Version 1.01


    Jefe's UT Trainer Girl Team Color Update This is an update to the UT Trainer girl model pack released Travis Tom (Visimo), Scott Ruggles & Keshaun Watts. The original skins lacked team skins on all but the default model. I created 4 team color textures for each character, made new specularity maps for skaarjhunter, purpletrainer, femalestormtrooper. The previous versions shared the TrainerGirl specularity map, which led to some parts being shiny where they weren't supposed to be. There are 3 new animation files; they are unchanged except for which lower hair texture is specified. That means that the redhead is completely a red head now, and the blonde is fully blonde. And best of all, the blue skin for TrainerGirl no longer has "RED TEAM" printed on the back of her blouse. The original pack had 4 total characters. There are now 5 color variations selectable for each of those original characters, each complete with 4-team support, and a further 10 hidden (for each) as "DUP"s, for a total of 60 characters. The hidden versions are the alternate hair color versions. I thought it would be overkill to have them all selectable by default, but if you would like to be able to select them and play as them, just open up the .UPL replace Menu="DUP" with Menu="SP" on each one. The nice thing is that other people who have this model pack installed will be able to see your version online even if they didn't make the same modification. If you don't change anything, you will still see the alternate versions as random bots. In addition, there are also 4 UT-Comp compatible characters. KNOWN BUGS: The skins with accented characters (Valérie, Athéna) do not work online. This can be fixed by changing Menu="DUP" on Aurore, Marianne, Yvonne and Luan to Menu="SP", which will be seen online.
  11. jefe

    Version v2.1


    UT2004 Battle Droids 2.1 This is a skin pack for Evil Engine's Battle Droid. All of the skins include 4 team colors usable with the CTF4/TDM4 mod, and the pack includes more than 15 regular selectable characters in 3 families of team skins (Prequel style, Color, and Imperial Black.) There are an additional 3 UT-Comp compatible skins (Just the base texture with no specularity) and maybe a few cool hidden skins if you poke around in the upl. Version 2.1 adds Sergeant Todd's excellent (and expressly created for this skinpack!) Droid voicepack as the default options for the droids. I've left in Slyrr's still awesome Junkyard voice from version 2.0 as a second option. If you'd like to configure some or all of the bots to use the Junkyard voice, all you have to do is replace Voice=Droids.Droids with Voice=JunkVoice.JunkVoice for any character you would like to change in the upl. You can do this for any custom upl as well (if there is no Voice= entry, just add it.) Keep in mind that you should not edit XPlayersL1 or XplayersL2, where the default UT2004 characters are stored, because UTComp and Anti TCC servers scan for changes to those two upls. Credits: George Lucas and all of his underlings who designed the Droids and other characters for the Star Wars films. Star Wars and associated characters are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd. Evil Engine for making the the Battle Droid Model. Slyrr for making the Junkyard Mech voice (included) and of course the excellent model (not included.) Sergeant Todd for making the new Droid Voicepack.
  12. Version v2.0


    The original Cylon Centurion, Model 005, was designed and created by scientists of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Centurion is the standard version of Model 0005 and was employed in various labor and military applications before the Cylon rebellion. Unlike their successors, Model 0005 Cylons do not possess built-in projectile weapons; instead they use conventional firearms. Since they were originally designed to interact with humans, Centurions tend to communicate using human-patterned speech instead of more advanced electronic techniques. Contains 6 basic skins (Standard, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Black) all with 4 team support, and 3 addition UT-Comp compatable skins. Based on the look of the old-school Cylons in Razor, which in turn were based on the classic Cylons from the original series. DISCLAIMER: This model is a fan-made tribute to the Battlestar Galactica series. It is distributed completely free-of-charge. Battlestar Galactica and the Cylon character are copyrighted by NBC Universal, Sci-Fi Channel, and Sky One.
  13. Version v1.0


    Jefe's Meryl UT2004 update / skin pack Team skins for Warbeast's Meryl model, and several original skins by Jefe. The textures for the new dresses were created initially with Ryan Geiss' visualization for Winamp, Milkdrop, then reworked in photoshop to make them look more like... actual dresses. There is also a nifty "mix and match" guide (merylmixandmatch.txt, included in this zip) for creating your own variations on Meryl. No Unreal Editor use or knowledge required, just how to use notepad. The animation file (Meryl.ukx) didn't need to be updated since the default human female animations are used for this model, and thus, Meryl has vehicle animations. She does have some trouble holding the new guns, but that's just a result of the way Epic updated things in UT2004, and is a common problem with custom models. I didn't rework any of the animations, because, frankly, I haven't learned how. Just in case you are wondering, the original textures are in the ukx file, and a new upl is included, (merylremix.upl) pointing to the new textures, so it isn't necessary to replace your current meryl.upl file. I cleaned up some spots on the original two skins in 0.3 update. Main areas affected were some ugly seams on the back of both girl's heads, and some irregular black lines on the legs of Meryl_74. Doing this also forced me to go back and rework the team color variants. This is partially why I made Meryl_74's blue hair slightly darker this time, but mainly because I had used a lightened version of Meryl's blue hair on her originally, but after a while, it didn't quite look right to me. Credits: Warbeast for the wonderful model and original skin, Sa74n for the equally nice Meryl_74 skin.
  14. jefe


    Version v3.0


    Version 3 of the Megaman Legends Model Pack. New in this version: *Much brighter and cartoon-like skins *Red/Blue/Green/Gold Team skins (Green/Gold for the CT4 modification ) *2 versions of each character selectable by default (Hidden versions can be unlocked) *Animated faces on several characters *New character portraits *several improvements to optimize files
  15. Version


    These characters were part of the long-abandoned Perfect Dark 2004 mod made by Yassine. I made 4-color team skins for Joanna Dark and Trent Easton, but the animation file for Mr. Blonde was not set up correctly for team colors. I set up a shader to resemble N64-style rendering, fixed LOD settings on the models, made a new portraits, and included back stories for all three characters. I had to redo the faces for Trent and Mr. Blonde using textures dumped from Project 64 since both faces had various problems. I also rescaled Mr. Blonde so that he would be sufficiently large and imposing. Known bugs: There is some polygonal tearing on Mr. Blonde. - Jefe --------------------------------------------- How to Install: Extract .ukx files............. to UT2004/Animations Extract .utx files............. to UT2004/Textures Extract .upl files............. to UT2004/System Extract .int files............. to UT2004/System