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IP lookup in online users list

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This solution adds a link to ip address on the online list + go to custom sites for viewing details of that IP address to see if they are spammers

Click Download below for the icons and copy them into /public/style_images/master/


Look & Feel > Skin > Online List > showOnlineList



<span class='ip'>( {$session['ip_address']} )</span>

Replace With:

<span class='ip'>
                    <if test="showip:|:$this->memberData['g_is_supmod'] AND !$this->settings['disable_online_ip']">
<span class='ip'><a href='{parse url="app=core&module=usercp&tab=members&area=mod_ipaddress&do=custom&ip={$session['ip_address']}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['ip_lookup']} {$session['ip_address']}'>( {$session['ip_address']} )</a>
<a href="{$session['ip_address']}&do_search=Search" class="bbc_url" title='RIPE Whois' rel="nofollow external"><img src="/public/style_images/master/ip.jpg"></a>
<a href="{$session['ip_address']}&map_source=1&two_maps=1&overview_map=1&lang=1&map_type=1&zoom_level=12" class="bbc_url" title='INFO Sniper' rel="nofollow external"><img src="/public/style_images/master/infosniper.ico"></a>
<a href="{$session['ip_address']}" class="bbc_url" title='Google' rel="nofollow external"><img src="/public/style_images/master/google.jpg"></a>
<a href="{$session['ip_address']}&do_search=Search" class="bbc_url" title='Stop Forum Spam' rel="nofollow external"><img src="/public/style_images/master/forumspam.ico"></a>
<a href="{$session['ip_address']}&do_search=Search" class="bbc_url" title='HoneyPot' rel="nofollow external"><img src="/public/style_images/master/honeypot.ico"></a>
</span><br /><span class="desc">{$session['browser']}</span>



heres the result


only one that doesnt work is the click ip one i will look into that

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