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UT3 Server

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have you guys had any issues when you play the ut3 server

need some feedback

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Been playing on server quite a bit..

..usually great game play..

Once in a while acts a little glitchy but doesn't crash like UT2004 game does..

Except when I try to load "LegoSpaceWars".. (something bad in that file)..

I tried to load it when you first put up server and a second time just a couple minutes ago..

..both times crashed whole game to where I get the "microsoft send error report"..

Otherwise, been having a great time on there..

..seen a few new people.. (one about ten minutes ago.. good player too!! Name was "xafwodahs")

..but didn't say gg at end of game.. just won at "Confrontation" and then left.. it was a good game tho..!!

Maxter and I have been playing in here when we can..

Wild has some busy life things right now but said he'll be coming in more soon..

..and just got a good message from Wrekr but he said his comp is down right now..

If he gets a new one or fixes that one we'll prolly see him in here too on UT3..

I told him about the UT3 server..

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i will remove LegoSpaceWars  i was wondering which map made it crash

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