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"Hanging Gardens" map for UT3

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One of the coolest UT3 maps I've ever played in UT3 was "Hanging Gardens"..

It's a large futuristic structure that's built into a cliff that hangs high above the ocean..

It has a lot of light in it.. and a lot of glass.. and I think every piece of glass can be smashed.. (it reconstructs in about 20 seconds)..

One of the things that fun to do is get the redeemer up on the shelf over the waterfall and when you

throw it you'll see a pile of windows break..!!

..and the guys who made the map (Pure Light production studio) knew what they were doing cause even with all the

glass "particles" flying around it doesn't seem to slow down game play.. of the pieces of glass covers a large area on the floor where a vehicle spawns..

If an enemy is on there or you want to get rid of the vehicle so the enemy doesn't get it, you shoot the glass and everything that's on it drops

onto the rocks below where the waves are crashing onto the rocks..

..and I think the map comes with "real color" (named something like that) so it doesn't have the dingy drab colors that a lot of maps have..

There's a "day version" and a "night version" of the map..

I think I put a link to one of them in an earlier PM to you Loco..

I used to play it in the Greed game type..

..and I've seen a Capture the Flag version..

..didn't know if you could stick a couple nodes in there and make it an Onslaught map..

Maybe one on the Red side, one on the Blue side, and one on the platform in the middle..!!

Anyway.. Thought it might make a nice addition to the map collection..

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