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Chat Log for |ZARK| WickedHQ.com Server - ONS-{UEM}DeathCanyon
on Tue, Jun 21 2016 at 11:44:31 AM
Minutes Player Text
0.00 Game Start
0.48 O_G Connected
0.48 O_G Team Change to Red Team
1.66 O_G Carjacked a ONSHoverKart
7.39 [OMNI]Reshred Connected
7.39 [OMNI]Reshred Team Change to Blue Team
7.86 [OMNI]Reshred Carjacked a ONSHoverKart
9.89 O_G Killed [OMNI]Reshred with a Raptor
10.59 Red Team Captured a Point!
10.59 Game Ended - Team Score Limit
10.92 [OMNI]Reshred has placed 11 votes for ONS-{IGS}Death-Canyon(ONS)
11.38 ONS-TheHouse[pbg]Remix(ONS) has won !
11.38 O_G has placed 54 votes for ONS-TheHouse[pbg]Remix(ONS)

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