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  1. LOCO>XI<


    welcome to the site
  2. LOCO>XI<

    TeamSpeak 3

    at the moment i have it shut down since not many people on it
  3. Parts for Project 1: Raspberry Pi 3 2: RetroPie image 3: PS2 Console Fat Version 4: Ps3 Wireless Controller 5: PS2 Controllers USB Adapter for Original PS1 & 2
  4. LOCO>XI<

    Anti TCC ?????

    changed a few settings try again
  5. LOCO>XI<

    excel code vba for work

    http://codevba.com/excel/new_workbook.htm#.WJuOk8uIZnE https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/565090-visual-basic-applications-append-current-date-file-name-during-save.html
  6. LOCO>XI<

    excel code vba for work

    Sub DROPLogCleanUp() Worksheets("UPS").Range("A7:F500").ClearContents Worksheets("UPS").Range("C3:C4").ClearContents Worksheets("Fedex").Range("A7:F500").ClearContents Worksheets("Fedex").Range("C3:C4").ClearContents Worksheets("USPS").Range("A7:F500").ClearContents Worksheets("USPS").Range("C3:C4").ClearContents Worksheets("Other").Range("A7:F500").ClearContents Worksheets("Other").Range("C3:C4").ClearContents 'Updates Date to Current With Range("B4") .Value = Date .NumberFormat = "mm/dd/yy" End With End Sub make button and add this in module
  7. heres some screenshots of my 2nd cod4 map not released yet it needs some work http://wickedhq.com/mymap/mp_xi_operation_hawk
  8. LOCO>XI<


    heres some screenshots of my first cod4 map Download: http://wickedhq.com/mymap/mp_xi_lobbyb1/download/mp_xi_lobbyb1.zip http://wickedhq.com/mymap/mp_xi_lobbyb1/
  9. LOCO>XI<

    Win 10 fix for ut2004

    win 10 fix for ut2004 is this So far this looks to be a generic problem with UE2-based games on Win10. For UT2004 there is a workaround - switching from D3D to OpenGL. Go to UT2004\System folder, open UT2004.ini and find the [Engine.Engine] section. Add ; before the RenderDevice=D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice line and remove it before the RenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice line, so it looks like this: [Engine.Engine] ;RenderDevice=D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice RenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice ;RenderDevice=Engine.NullRenderDevice ;RenderDevice=PixoDrv.PixoRenderDevice Save the file and run the game.
  10. I will setup my profile, and dig out my old FreezeTag 2010 version Mod. It was a lot like PSI's only I put  bug fixes and customizable things in it to the hilt with custom menus, sounds, textures, animations, the works. I miss that old mod!


    Cya soon!

  11. LOCO>XI<


    welcome to the site you will have to register i just turned off guest posting since i didnt notice it was on
  12. LOCO>XI<

    UT3 Server

    i will remove LegoSpaceWars i was wondering which map made it crash
  13. welcome to the site


  14. LOCO>XI<

    UT3 Server

    have you guys had any issues when you play the ut3 server need some feedback
  15. LOCO>XI<


    Download : ONS-[WHQ]FaceClassicB1 ScreenShots :